Blackberry app launch

My first blog post:

Last Friday we launched our new Blackberry app for Call2. Whilst the experience for the user is very similar to our existing iPhone app, the experience to build it was very different.

Here are my top tips for building an app of your own:

  • Outsource the coding to a first class outfit experienced in design, building, testing and getting apps approved by Apple or RIM.
  • Make the spec as clear as possible. We did this by storyboarding the different screens and having a drawn out wireframe diagram to show the relationships between each page.
  • Take responsibility for testing yourself. We found that although the developers did test by doing internal testing we were far more in depth than the developers could be as we understood the client perspective better than anybody.
  • Be ready to do a second version as soon as the first version is released.  You will never be able to second guess where the market will find difficulties with your app but by day 2 you will have practically all the insight you need to improve it 10 fold.
  • Engage with your users and downloaders.  They love to be consulted and it will help you find out what they like and dislike.  Your app fan base can be built with happy and unhappy users.
  • Beware of usability across different versions of the device. We tested all the BlackBerrys we had but still found some of our users had trouble with devices we did not have access to.
  • Understand that the Blackberry is a corporate device and may have certain funtions pre specified by their IT departments and hard coded into their devices.


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