Trystonbury 2011…the best family weekend ever…

A mans tent is his castle

Well its Monday morning and the memories of a simply exceptional Trystonbury have left me with a general feeling of well-being.

As I walked through the site on Saturday afternoon all I could hear were the squeels of excitement of children playing ‘it’ and hide and seek as they ran with abandon in the sunshine.

The parents, safe in the knowledge that their children were being well supervised, were then able to kick back and enjoy the surroundings and the music with little worry.

The most popular attraction for the kids was the cargo netting put up in the trees that provided a brilliant climbing frame.  Later in the evening it seemed rather popular with the older generations too.

Are we having fun yet...the author in the heart of it


Highlights for me were the band ‘Will and the People‘ who got the crowd really revved up and the dance floor rocking. The ariel acrobats were simply breathtaking and Chloe de Buyl Pisco stole the show as she spun and tumbled high in the canopy of the thousand year old Oak.

But my main thanks goes to James Parker of Over the Moon Tents and the Hanky Panky Team.  James has been organising Trystonbury for 6 years and year after year he keeps raising the bar.  This year we came of age and he concieved, produced and directed a proper Festival complete with negotiations with the local council and local residents groups.  This was a master class in logistics and over coming significant obsticals to make the event simply perfect…thanks James.

Father, mother and son...with a tiger tail

The other moment I realised that what happened this weekend was more than just a party was when I had a tour of the kitchens…this was a full commercial facility complete with walk in cold room and stores.  Keeping 350 people well fed over 3 days takes a huge amount of organisation and Karen Dunsmore who also organised all the bands should be really proud of herself and her team.

It took over 120 people and hundreds of hours to stage the event but the meomories will be good comfort for the winter… just brilliant!

The son meets the stars...

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