Great praise from a global giant…

Here is a recent accolade from one of the largest law firms in the world…

CASE STUDY ComXo’s Multivoice Voice Conferencing
Global Company, Centralised Communication
SNR Denton’s Front of House Supervisor Shahbaz Beg talks about how his firm is effectively managing their 24 hours global communications with ComXo’s MultiVoice
When UK based Denton Wilde Sapte combined with U.S based Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal in September 2010, it created the top 25 law firm SNR Denton.
With such a high profile international merger came an operational requirement to ensure the same effortless flow of communication between the 1,250 lawyers in 43 countries with different time zones. “With the recent international expansion you tend to find that there is more demand at all hours” explains SNR Denton’s facilities supervisor Shahbaz Beg.
“During office hours we can easily book a conference online but, with our out of hours conferences which generally happen from 8pm to 8am, we can call MultiVoice directly to make a booking. It’s extremely easy to use. MultiVoice just take all of the calls for us and always send us a confirmation email afterwards, just to let us know everything is ok”.
Beg quickly realised that a user-friendly product built on a resilient platform was essential. “We have been using MultiVoice for over 5 years now and have never had any problems. It’s a simple, straightforward service giving us the ability to manage all of our bookings online. In fact, I have come across other systems in the past and they have definitely not been as user friendly”.
Being able to provide a reliable and easy service to customers is one thing, but to be able to simultaneously save money is the real value of MultiVoice.
Within the product is the global access numbers feature allowing clients in far­fetched locations to access the conference at their local call rate.
“Our list of locations is extensive, so being able to use global access numbers benefits us enormously without adding on extra costs for our conference attendees”. Beg explains.
even more beneficial is that MultiVoice allows you to attach matter numbers to your conference calls and, as SNR Denton have found, this simple integration can have significant cost saving effects. Beg goes on “We have hundreds of conferences going on all over the world so operating under client matter numbers is invaluable. For us to be able to bill back we need to enter a valid client matter number when we make a booking. So it’s great that
MultiVoice ensures all of our conference calls are 100% rechargeable”.
Although cost is a significant variable in choosing an appropriate service, as Beg explains the number 1 thing for SNR Denton is reliability. “Cost is always a
factor but we want to make sure that our lawyers can make that call whenever they want without any hiccups along the way, MultiVoice delivers that, which is great”.
Beg has complex reporting requirements and monthly stats records are given detailed scrutiny but yet again, as he explains, MultiVoice delivers. “I have to do a lot of end of month management reporting and
MultiVoice gives me all of the information I need so that I can pass that information back to Board level”.
With MultiVoice, customers can be sure that they are getting a cost effective, user friendly experience right from booking to making the call and through to reporting. “I know we have saved a significant amount of money since we’ve started using MultiVoice because now we have one provider which gives us all of these services”.
When choosing the right provider Shahbaz explains that, above all, dependability and constancy are the winning attributes of any legal service provider. “Knowing that we are using a reliable service is the main thing and that definitely comes across in the professionalism of the staff at ComXo, especially within the excellent customer service support they offer. That also signifies to me that, if it’s one of our lawyers calling at some odd hour of the morning, they are guaranteed exceptional service and that is really important to us, giving us absolute peace of mind”.


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