ComXo’s Client evening at the Windsor Festival

Client entertainment is a tricky subject.  It is very clear to me after 20 years building businesses that an hour spent over lunch and a glass of wine with a client is more insightful than any market research or focus group could ever be.

Getting existing clients together with potential clients is also a very powerful soft sales technique and can the catalyst that closes the deal.  However the question that always arises is what events should we invite our clients to?  If you ask my sales team the stock reply is rugby or football and whilst these are widely available through event management companies I have always felt them to be too commercial and a bit of a cop out.

The pillar that has always stood at the centre of everything we do at ComXo is the word ‘Innovation’.  As a litmus test for any decision whether it be marketing or product development I ask my self is this innovative?  Our Summer Shakespeare event was born out of this mind set and I am for ever trying to find new and different opportunities to get our clients too that will be a stand out moment to remember.

So it was that last month we invited a small number of key clients to an evening at the Windsor Festival, which we are proud to sponsor.  The evening was special for 2 reasons, firstly we were entertained by the London Festival Opera to a sensational greatest hits medaly of Puccini favorites sung by new up and coming talent that had us all smiling and crying in equal measure. Secondly we were very fortunate to have the Festival’s patron, Prince Edward, join us for drinks before the event and everybody in our group both met and chatted to him.

Andrew Try and Prince Edward at ComXo's sponsored evening

Although on the outside an evening of classical music may not be to everybody’s taste the experience of the whole evening and the pictures we were able to get of each client with Prince Edward meant that it delivered a talking point around which stronger more trusted relationships can grow…better than a footie match any day!


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