Call2 Android app now launched…global best quality low cost calling

As some of you know I have had my head down these last couple of months working on our newest product release…the Call2 Android App.

Well last week it was launched and today we hit our 1000th download.  We are very excited about its prospects and very proud of its high star rating on the Android Market customer feedback.  This release follows our super popular I-Phone app which now has over 30,000 regular users around the world.

So how will our app enhance your life?  If you call abroad from your mobile or are fed up with high roaming charges when you travel we can help.  Our app uses our unique Call back algorithms to route your call over the highest quality lowest cost lines directly to your mobile phone.  We have been doing this with a land lines for over 12 years and have tens of thousands of clients around the world…now we can do the same with mobiles.

So how do we rate the quality of the calls?  We only use primium lines and this means crystal clear sound when you are calling your loved ones.  To give you an idea of our pedigree, Call2 is used by the World leading language school Berlitz to teach over 1 million telephone based lessons every year!  Now thats a ringing endorsement!

Our aim is not to be the cheapest service so we dont compete with Skype.  We aim to be the best quality for the lowest price.  So if you use Call2 you get great calls at great prices anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world on any device…you get great 24 hour customer service and we will never rip you off by billing per minute rather than per second or charging you a call set up fee etc.,  Our loyal following of clients trust us with their most important calls and have been for over 12 years.

Sorry this sounds like a commercial…but I am just so proud of my teams achievement.

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