Peter Diamandis…my first boss, talks of the future

Peter Diamandis was my first boss.  Whilst I was at university in Boston in the late 80’s I was hired as an intern for an outfit called the International Space University.  The imagery of a space university was somewhat quashed when I turned up to a tiny office above a bagel shop and discovered that I was to be the gopher for 3 extraordinary people with an extraordinary vision.   I worked with this tiny team for over a year helping create one of the most ambitious and entrepreneurial projects ever conceived.  The ISU went on to become the leading university in the world for space studies and Peter went on to create and chair the X Prize Foundation.

I read today that Peter has just written a book called ‘Abundance- The Future is Better than You Think’.  An optimistic book describing how new industries of Robotics, 3D printing and synthetic biology will transform our lives.

My advice to any budding entrepreneur is that they buy the book, read it and get involved in the industries Peter is talking about.  Not only does Peter have then insight to see our future…usually he is beavering away to make the future come true.  You can be sure if Peter says it will happen…it will happen.

As my first boss Peter and the other ISU founder Todd Hawley taught me what can be achieved if you create a vision and set about making it come true.  It gives me a huge sense of pride to have had the opportunity to lean that so early in my life from such entrepreneurs…whatever your dreams…stop talking about them and go and start making them come true!

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