A Throughly British Affair….The Royal Windsor Summer Show

Andrew Try Prince Michael of Kent

The Mayor of Windsor, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, The Governor of Windsor Castle and yours truly.

As I have posted before, by accident of fate and not being able to say no to some terribly sweet old ladies, I find myself as Chairman of the Royal Windsor Rose and Horticultural Society and as such am responsible for delivering the annual Summer Show in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Whilst not the  quite the scale of Lord Coe’s recent delivery of the Olympics it does share a few tenuous similarities. 

Firstly the history; this year was our 107th annual show.  Secondly the dedication of a few extraordinary people, my committee: enthusiastic, dedicated and unwavering in the face of any adversity. Thirdly the competition, over 700 entries in more than 100 classes with ages ranging from 4 to 84.

Mind you heads and dont look up!

Fourthly the entertainment a glorious day of family fun, music and food.

Finally the people : the volunteers, many actually Olympic marshalls, who gave their time freely and their joi de vie infectiously, the visitors who braved the rain to come, the Royals who spent 2 hours visiting every stand and every entry, the celebrities who helped, competed and supported and the traders who smiled through the rain.

Andrew Try Anna Friel Rhys Ifans

Competition winner Gracie Friel, Anna Friel, Andrew Try and Rhys Ifans

As a day it was a little piece of Britain that felt like it was directed by Danny Boyle, a wonderful and real cultural moment left over from a genteel past when the nation amused itself with the important things in life: growing, baking, crafting and celebrating with pint of Pimms…better by far than sitting in front of the telly!

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