A Walk in the Park

I am lucky enough to live on the edge of Windsor Great Park and have one of Britain’s great landscape treasures ‘The Long Walk’ yards from the back door.

Our household includes 2 energetic black Labradors and this wonderful backdrop is a perfect place for their daily walk.  For the past 5 years I have been rising early each day and making the pilgrimage to the statue of George III at the end of the avenue.  There and back is just under 6 miles and takes an hour and 20 minutes to complete at a brisk pace.

What is extraordinary is the scenary, the wild life and the glory of this little piece of heaven at this time in the morning.  I often take my camera and occaionally I am rewarded with a shot that captures a little of the experience.  Here are some of my favorites.

Come on ‘old boy’! The Bear…almost 15 and still going

We go out in all weather even the deep mid winter

View on the way up….

View on the way down

Trees in the Summer…

Trees in the Winter

Trees in the Spring

The girls….

…and the boys

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