Are credit cards history?

Call2 ( is my high quality low cost telephone service that competes with ‘Skype Out’ on price and with guarenteed clarity wins hands down on line quality.  With over 70,000 clients in every country on the planet and Apps on every platform it is a truely global business.

However we struggle to overcome the fear that potential customers have in entering their credit card details into a site they do not know and only a small percentage of the 1700 web site visitors we get every day set up accounts.

Over the years we have racked out brains over this but perhaps the solution we are just piloting will help.  Mopay is a payment via your mobile phone that means anyone with a mobile can charge their Call2 account.  How it works is as simple as it could possibly be.  Step 1 you enter your mobile number into the web page, step 2 you recieve a text, step 3 you put the PIN number contained in the text into the web page, Step 4 it bills your mobile phone and credits your Call2 account….Simples!

This is halfway towards an online wallet but uses a technology and billing mechanism that we are all familiar with.  More over it means that you have none of the fraud worries associated with on line credit cards transactions.

We have launched it in our UK only payment pages to see how effective it is in converting traffic that would not have tried us or trusted us in the past…I will keep you posted on the results.

Having had the experience of integrating and lauching it on our own site we are also integrating a white version lable for a number of our commercial customers web sites.  In my mind this is the easiest way to get on the micro payment revolution.

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