Trystonbury 2012…what a wonderful world!

20120924-094329.jpgWell Trystonbury 2012 has come and gone and apart from a sprained ankle from leaping off a tree in the middle of the dance floor (note to self if you are going to crowd surf ensure there is a crowd!) I have but the memories and the photos to relive the weekend.

Is the bar open yet!

Once again we were blessed by the weather and the Saturday was as warm as an August afternoon so the roving troubadours, al fresco piano recital and circus performers transformed the hill into a magical enclave. My son Tolly was as excited as a bean to go camping and although he is only 2 this was his third Trystonbury.  Whilst we collected all the stuff to creat our little camping world he placed himself strategically to ensure we would not leave him.

Since it was early Friday morning and the site did not open till after lunch we had pick of the pitches and we set up camp with an ensuite grove.

Everybody joined in…or should I say hung out!

As everybody arrived the anticipation grew and music began…or so I was told.  The Friday evening was so laid back and wonderful that we barely moved from our little oasis…after a few glasses of wine it was an early night retreat getting ready for a big Saturday…next post coming soon!

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One Response to Trystonbury 2012…what a wonderful world!

  1. Rav says:

    Errr so Mr Try, where was my invite?!

    I used to love attending Trystonbury!!!!!!

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