Trystonbury the other side of midnight

After a night under the stars Saturday morning was sun-filled and glorious.  The hill came alive with the palpable excitement of children’s early morning chatter and bleary eyed revellers thanking the gods for an Indian summers day.

Before long the music, activities and performance art began to transform the site into a magical wonderland where around every corner a different group of festival goers had found a moment to enjoy…

Piano Forte…al fresco..

The circus arrives

The Kids are alright…


Chilling in the woods…

Mr Absinthe…beware!

Let the party begin…





All in all this year was a vintage one for both the kids and the adults and once again all of the thanks for an awesome weekend are due to James Parker and his crew who deliver the entire festival.  If you are thinking of doing something similar then give him a call at

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One Response to Trystonbury the other side of midnight

  1. Chris Pitt says:

    Hey Andrew

    Thanks for having us again – ‘us’ being the band of loons who delight in squeezing on to that tiny little stage and seeing what happens when we all play our instruments at the same time.

    It is an amazing place to spend the weekend and hopefully there will be many more. I don’t know what the future holds for us next year, as I am sure Trystonbury deserves a break from us, but you can be sure we will be there anyway.

    Thanks again for letting us all have a party in your back garden.


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