The Coronation Arch 2013….update

Coronation Arch 2013

Coronation Arch 2013

The Coronation Arch project conceived over 3 years ago is taking slow but sure steps towards reality.

With our main sponsor Centrica and a bit of help from Comxo we are funded to complete this extra ordinary piece of installation art to coincide with The Windsor Festival mid September 2013.

The installation, which will be open to the public at the top of the Long Walk just out side the Castle Gates is made up of 3 sections.  Woven Willow Crowns containing mature trees, Rose Columns created by Rebbecca Law, one of the best new breed master florists in Britain and 6 woven willow arches created by Spencer Jenkins…the coolest natural material sculptor you would ever want to meet.

Willow Crown

Spencer Jenkins first willow crown come off the production line

The entire project has been designed by Chelsea Gold Medal winner John Warland is a symbolic representation of The Queens six decades of service, the connection of Castle and Town and the evolution of Monarchy during her Reign from last echos of Victoria to the contemporary of 21st century Britain. This vast task is being project manged by Susann Laughton of and will culminate in an opening on the 14th of September and will remain in place for the two week duration of the Windsor Festival.

Susann Laughton, Andrew Try, John Warland


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