Phone hacking in my business? Should I worry?

Now you might not think anyone would want to listen to your work conversations…right?  What could be more dull?   There is no celebrity tittle tattle worth listening to, no juicy gossip to fill the front pages of the tabloids.  But as we found out in a recent piece of market research there are other reasons and other people who may find what you are speaking about on your calls rather interesting.

ComXo now supply 50 of the top 100 law firms with managed communication services around the function of Switchboard.

That is to say 7 days a week 24 hours a day we have specifically picked, highly trained people based in Windsor whos job it is to protect a company’s brand at the first point of contact ( ie we answer the phones) but also to enable and support their staff by providing managed services whenever they need them wherever they are in the world…For instance booking taxis in the middle of the night in Beijing , providing a 500 person conference calls on a Sunday in Dubai , sending out 5000 text messages to a workforce to tell them what to  during the recent storms, or providing follow the sun first level help desk resource for a multi country facilities team.

However we also supply the financial sector and more specifically we are known for providing 24 hour managed services for complex and sensitive conference calls.

Now ComXo differentiate ourselves from our competition by building all of our managed communication solutions on our own proprietary platforms.  This means that we bespoke all of our solutions not only to the requirements of the professional service sector, nor to the specific requirements of the legal or finance sector but to the specific requirements of a single firm.

This means that we have been able to create a specialised managed service for firms where security is of paramount importance and apart from the finance sector you would think that city based lawyers conversations would be one of those.

However when we transferred our best practice knowledge from the finance sector into the legal sector we were surprised to find that the thinking around security and best practice was very much less developed.

Our relationship managers were coming back with stories that horrified us and we could not believe we’re true.

For instance one top 5 law firm recounted an example of one of their senior partners who was found to still be using the conference number and PIN code from another top 5 law firm he had left 5 years prevously.  This guy was billing all his calls to the competition!

So we  commissioned The Legal Support Network to carry out a survey across the sector to get a representative study of what the sector saw as important, what the current landscape for conferencing is and where the future is taking it and what best practice exists for what is a quickly becoming a sector as highly regulated as the finance industry.

The findings of this report however are startling and you can download them below.


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