National Telephonists Day

Myself and Greg Mace from Rapport with Credit Suisse

On the 10th of March 2014 ComXo and our Strategic partner Rapport founded what we are hoping will become an annual celebration of Professional Telephonists.

The date of National Telephonists Day was set to coincide with the anniversary of Alexander Graham Bells’ first ever telephone call and gave us here at ComXo the opportunity to understand, appreciate, celebrate and spoil the cohort of extraordinary people who provide exceptional Switchboard Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to our 175 Professional Service sector clients.

We all made cupcakes for the Telephonists

The appreciation of the professional telephonist is limited and their role is sometimes poorly understood as it is often confused with a Call Centre operator, yet their job is eminently more complex, challenging and valuable to our customers.  For instance the Switchboard telephonist is the gateway to an organisation and simultaneously protects their clients first impression of their brand whilst also supporting and enabling their staff.

National Telephonists Day gave me a platform to think about this profoundly and experience it personally as I went back to the floor and did a 24 hour shift, midnight to midnight with these extraordinary people.

Midnight trolly service

Although I started myself on the phones 25 years ago and often boast that I did the first night shift 18 years ago when we moved to 24 hour cover, getting back to the front line was an eye opener.

The sales team washed the telephonists cars

I am now reminded of just what a great job our Professional telephonists do, how technically skilled they need to be, how motivated and dedicated to exceptional service they are and what a lucky man I am to have them!

Nearing the end of my 24 hour shift




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