BYOD managing business calls on a personal device

BYOD or Bring You Own Device is both an advantage and a headache for companies.  Whilst it enables anybody to use their own smart phone to transact company business and allows for personal taste it can be a headache to manage and administer.

Here is a typical scenario of one of our newest customers.  With a $6 billion business and 8000 people across the globe the move to a BYOD had made sense for them.  Savings were made in device purchasing and support, savings were made in negotiating a one size fits all air time package and moral was boosted by enabling employees to decide what model and brand of phone they wanted.

However the unintended consequences began to outweigh the advantages.  Namely with 3000 people making regular international business calls from their devices the administration became excessive.  At the end of every month the companies accounts department had to deal with 3000 bills with international calls identified and needing to be paid back through their expenses process.  A nightmare of reconciliation, authentication and validation not to mention a mountain of paper to record and store.

Luckily they came across our own Call2 Corporate solution which whilst it was not specifically built for this problem solved it simply, quickly and effectively and saved the business money in the process.

Call2 corporate enables a user to download a smart phone app to i-phone,  android and Blackberry phones and through this make high quality ‘real’ (ie not VOIP) calls from and to anywhere in the world.

The advantages are this:  a global business can buy all its global minutes centrally and distribute them to individual devices anywhere in the world.  This means that none of the corporate business calls show up on the individuals bill and what’s more the corporate can report and administer thousands of accounts simply and easily from an on line portal.

Best of all our local and international call costs are up to 80% cheaper than you would pay your mobile company and can be bought in your currency of choice.

In short no billing reconciliation, guaranteed high quality low cost calls to anywhere on the planet, full management and administration suite and 24 hour customer care if you every need it….smiles all round!

If you are interested in this solution or would like more information call our expert Paul Roake on +441753710430 or email him at

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