A little sweetener…

beeFor over a year now ComXo have had their own bee hive and we are sadly down to the last pots of the 2014 crop of delicious honey.

The story of our hive has been a fascinating adventure into the perception, fears and fondness for this tiny miracle of nature and serves as a good parable on industry, belligerence and doing the right thing.

We wanted a hive because I love honey and apparently their impending doom may threaten my craving.  So we had space next to the car park, we border the wondrous organic estate of Windsor Castle and most importantly we had Stuart.

stuart1Stuart has been part of the ComXo team for more than 3 years.  Last year, we discovered, that over and above his many talents as an expert on exceptional service it turns out that his fastidious eye for detail also made him a natural bee keeper.  In fact Stuart had at the bottom of his garden 2 hives, a veritable honey factory.

As with all entrepreneurial endeavours the concept is the easy bit and our concept was “Lets have a hive in the car park!”  We invested in all the kit,  splashing out on traditional wooden hives and prepared the site.  We considered all the aspects: proximity to houses, wind direction and speed, away from direct sunlight, the side closest to the river and thereafter the Royal Estate…surely we had thought of everything.

stuart 2

We set the hives up and took delivery of our colony.  We screened the area and as the spring sun began its slow but transformational work on the neighbouring flower meadows we began to see the steady stream of bees hard at their daily commute.


Unfortunately so did our co tenants in the building we rent and naturally as part of the car park is theirs they took umbrage at not having been consulted…which of course caught up in my excitement I had neglected to do!  Then so did the land lords notice who referred to the clause in our lease that we were not allowed to keep pets on the premises.  Apparently the health and safety concerns that a bee hive in a far corner of the car park presents is so draconian I am surprised we’ve had no deposition request from DEFRA .

Well whilst we were fending off every parry and riposte from powers way beyond our influence, our busy friends were in full production of their sweet nectar unaware of the furore and machinations as their fate was determined.


When Stuart knocked on my door smiling like an innocent in spring I knew our efforts had been rewarded.  Sure enough the tiny pot he produced tasted as sweet, floral and fragrant as any I have had, gloriously amber and delightfully runny.

Over the past 6 months of winter we have been asked on a number of occasions to move the hive but weather and conditions have never been suitable but now the pressures are on from the pollen police to move on our humming collective and we need to act…publish or bee damned (sorry!) I thought…so thus this post.

So what is my plan to stop the nectar nasties getting their way?


Well lets just say that when I go to in to London to meet existing or prospective customers I often take a jar of our home made honey as a little demonstration of how we at ComXo differ from other businesses.  Taking care of our hive takes time, requires attention to detail, rewards patience and of course delivers delight…all things our team here ambitiously strive for.

So back to my plan….I intend to deliver a little sweetener to our detractors.  I will let you know how it goes!

bee happy




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