We work anywhere.com…ComXo’s culture goes Agile

SimmonsSimmons and Simmons are one of the worlds leading law firms with offices in 25 countries.  A month or so ago my Switchboard business ComXo (www.comxo.com) won a significant piece of business with them that has projected us into the new world of anywhere working.

In most traditional city firms Switchboard is an essential front line service provided by a loyal and dedicated team often squeezed into a small dimly lit office.  Training and career progression is seldom an option and so switchboard becomes a backwater where once engaged,s talented people get out of kilter with the rest of the business.


POPO (Passed over and pissed off!)

I have long held that to build engagement and high performance on a consistent basis you have to create a workplace culture around a value set that is honoured through actions not lip service.  I have written before on these pages about the ComXo 4 P’s : Politeness, Professionalism, Proficiency and Personality our values created in 1989 that are the pillars of our culture.

Our values..lived by NOT lip service

Our values..lived by NOT lip service

I have written about our attitude towards training and development that gives members of our team on average over 135 hours of training every year and more than 200 in the first year in the business and how last year alone over 14 people who started as operators developed their careers and transitioned into other roles in the business.  I have written about our bee hive, bake off’s and barbeques,  our eclectic events and community engagement and now I can talk about spreading that culture further a field.


Events dear boy… events

This month we welcomed into the ComXo family 3 new members of staff who have TUPE’d across from Simmons.  Whilst they still work on site at City Point but they are now members of our team and my challenge will be to make them feel as connected and engaged as everybody else.  This will be far from easy and trust will be hard won but over the years I have discovered a simple truth: that if you are who you are, live by your values and try your hardest to do the right thing everything else comes easily.  Welcome Faye, Laura and Diane!

Welcome to the ComXo family

Welcome to the ComXo family


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