21st Century Account Management Program for an Outsource Service Provider

legalComXo provide outsourced managed business services to almost half of the UK’s top 100 law firms.  Because of this I spend much of my time speaking and presenting to managing partners of legal and other global professional service firms.  As an outsource service provider I am obsessed by what makes for a successful partnership and what drives real value.


Over the last year some key themes have come up time and again and seem to define the near future of outsourcing.  These key words include: Collaboration, innovation, globalisation, new ways of working and specialist insight.

Traditionally outsource contracts involved procurement taking an internally provided service and have it delivered by 3rd party contractor.  The value add being cost efficiencies and service improvements inherent in a specialist provider.

I think this dynamic is changing.  The future of the legal sector is becoming much more difficult to predict.  Technology and its possible impact to disrupt at a profound level is creating a sense of anxiety at a strategic level.


ComXo recently sponsored The Lawyers Business Leadership Summit and I spoke to 14 C suite leaders of separate major law firms.  Each one wanted to know what clarity and insight I could give them into how my services would evolve. How new technologies and new working practices would enable a diverse generational workforce be productive in an increasingly changing workplace.

At ComXo account management is a key deliverable of our service.  Many of our customers use us as a collaborative managed service technology partner to deliver new solutions.  So after the summit I pulled together a team to creatively come up with a new ‘account management programme’ for our customers that would drive insight and service evolution as a key deliverable of our contracts.

Here is a share of our process


The idea is to deliver a joined up approach of collecting market intelligence, driving discussion around hot issues, creating white papers and thought leadership, delivering content back to customers, engaging key stake holders with insight at breakfast briefings and driving their agenda around the services we provide with a road-map based approach.

The process driven by the account manager is set around a key client execution road map that defines key strategic needs annually and then drives the agenda around the service innovation across the year.  In practice this might deliver a single key innovation every year but one tied into the strategic deliverable set by the company.  The idea is that this process inherently delivers customers opportunities to Collaborate, innovate and evolve around a key outsource service.

Here is a view of the front side of our programme.





Back of our process sheet


Case study

3 years ago our SWOT questionnaire identified security and online fraud as a hot topic.  Research was done around security on voice conferences, VoIP and hacking into private conversations (see report 2013). This was then shared in round tables and fed into the development road-map for Multivoice our professional services specific conference solution.   Delivering a key innovation roll out for later that year.

Whos on the line


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