A new year…a new me?

new yearAs I embark on the first week of the new year I am, like everyone, filled with the good intentions of resolutions.  I am minded however of how many of last years good intentions were so woefully kept including doing a regular blog post…the last one I contributed in May!


So here we are again.  There are however some things in my life that I do mange to do every day that have quite literally transformed my life.  The power of routine is immensely powerful and simple to achieve if you can schedule it to occur during parts of the day you have control over…for me this is first thing in the morning and last thing at night….before and after the one other activity which I always observe…sleep.

Over the past 12 years I have changed my habits and enriched my life by simply creating an hour and a half in the morning (by getting up earlier) and just recently capturing 30 mins before I go to bed (by watching less TV). tv


It began by me taking my then dog Bear for a 40 minute walk rather than a 10 minute walk.  I live near a park and the walk is beautiful anyway.

Come on 'old boy'! The Bear...almost 15 and still going

Come on ‘old boy’! The Bear…almost 15 and still going

But the real benefit of this has just been made clear to me as my beloved other half, Vicky got me a fit bit for Christmas…a fit bit for her fat bit…or that is how it felt on Christmas morning after a month of business and social revelry. xmas

But to my surprise, though I was at least a stone over my normal weight, my general heart health showed as excellent with a resting beat of 59 (excellent for a man of my age according to the Fitbit app).

But here is the point, 7 years ago Vicky and I started a family and I haven’t done any aerobic exercise since then.  So my relatively good state of health is put down to…simply going for a 40 min walk every day before the rest of the house is awake….simples!

View on the way up....

View on the way up….

But over the years I have squeezed other routines into my morning quiet time which I observe every week day come what may (I over indulge and sleep in at the weekend like everyone).

In 2012 I started to do the plank for 2 minutes before my shower, in 2013 I started doing 10 minutes of sun salutations everyday so I would remain nimble for the skiing I love so much, in 2014 I started listening to audio books on my walk , in 2015 I bought a small electronic upright piano and began doing 20 minutes of piano each day and in 2017 I bought a skipping rope and now do 100 skips.

None of these little pockets of time make me break even the slightest of sweats but I feel on top of my health and feel each day I improve just a little.

So what will I add to my routine this year…. write a blog post at least once a month…. lets see!



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