Office Dress…whatever you fancy!

It is National Telephonists Day! NTD_March_10th_lr_copyright_Gill_Aspel_(058_of_211)

What I hear you say…another bland excuse for a PR company to create a story…well no actually.  At ComXo we provide some of the largest companies on the planet with Virtual Personable Assistants (VPA), available 24 hours a day and able to support, enable and facilitate our clients workforce’s.

Dealing with globe trotting executives requests and requirements around the clock requires a very special type of person.  A ComXo VPA has access to a company’s full suite of business services, FAQ’s and help desk capability.  They are quite literally plugged into the global capability of an organisation.  That means that a telephone call could be anything from the CEO needing support to book an executive car to a corporate customer wanting to do business.

The next call could be a clients most important call all year, the difference between winning an account or loosing it.  Every call could be a million pound call so being alert, engaged and capable is essential.

At ComXo this is driven by the combination of exceptional people, brilliant home grown technology and culture.  Culture is what National Telephonist Day is all about.  The opportunity to spoil our VPA’s, to serve them as they serve their customers to let them know how important each one is as they deliver their exceptional service call after call.

So what do we do…dress up of course!

dress up

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