4 key pillars of Customer Experience (CX) that will turbo-drive your sales

Inst cust servThis week is National Customer Service Week (https://www.instituteofcustomerservice.com/events/ncsw ) and in light of the Brexit uncertainty the Institute of Customer Service are encouraging UK PLC to get on board.

So what exactly defines ‘Great Customer Service’?   We have spent 30 years asking that exact question and we have 4 key pillars that guide us in servicing some of the most demanding customers in world.  We call them the 4 p’s and they are our company values.

 1  Politeness. Politeness is a key value at ComXo and is more than saying your P’s and Q’s.  Politeness is about respect of others and that is at the heart of great CX.  Listening to the customer and helping them define exactly what they want rather than giving them what is the cheapest or easiest thing you can get away means always delivering a delightful outcome to any request.

Professionalism.  Seeing yourself as a professional in whatever job you are doing is key to great service.  Whether you are a waitress or a surgeon, or the office manager or CEO, seeing yourself as an expert and taking ‘Personal Responsibility IDelivering Excellence’ is key to how any internal or external customer will see you.  having job specific expertise of how the best professional would do the job for the best outcome of the customer is a key step to delighting them.

Proficiency.   Using the tools of your trade for the best possible outcome to your customers means that any technological advantage you can give the customer will delight them even more.  We all know what an amazing experience it can be to have a great barista expertly and proficiently make us the coffee of our dreams.

4 .  Personality. Exceptional customer service is about integrity and integrity is about being authentic and being authentic is about being yourself and adding a little bit of smile.  Humans do not like an automated or robotic experience they want a happy human one.  Some of the greatest customer service moments come from unscripted moments of unexpected surprise and delight that say to a customer: I hear you, I understand you and I am very happy to help you.

These 4 P’s are the foundation of what makes exceptional customer service at ComXo the single most important thing we strive for.  It is not about a single week of focus it is about a way of life!

Our values..lived by NOT lip service

Our values..lived by NOT lip service




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