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More than just an answer!

More than just an answer!


In 2000 I merged my business Procall with Call2 . Call2 had developed a technology capability to provide low cost, high quality international calls to any phone on the planet and had the first web based audio conferencing bridge.

My idea was to put all these technologies together and provide them as a managed business service to our existing client base.  ComXo was the name we choose for the merged group and in the heady days of the Dot Com boom was quickly supported by 40 shareholders and £2 million investment.

The company grew very quickly in that first year, but after the technology crash in 2001 had to contract and innovate in order to survive.

ComXo is now the leading UK provider of Switchboard Support Services to the professional service sector.  We provide  these services to a variety of organizations including many of the World’s top Law firms, well known energy companies including Gazprom, pharmaceutical, financial and insurance giants such as McGraw Hill, Marsh, Hiscox  and PWC, and many more.

Our technology also provides high quality low cost international calls to thousands of businesses and ex-pats around the world.  How is that different from Skype… our service is the highest quality, secure lines that never echo and don’t cut you off…and we provide 24 hour customer service…from Windsor!

Virtual Switchboard

In 1989 I set up a business called Procall. This was a telephone answering service for local businesses, answering in their company name, taking messages and patching callers through to them. We were one of the first companies to utilise patch technology giving us the opportunity to seamlessly transfer calls as if we were a part of the business, allowing our customers to appear larger than they were and always contactable.

This part of the business we refer to as 21st Century Switchboard or Virtual Switchboard, the service has evolved massively over the years and we now provide:

  • Global overflow and outsourced switchboard (multi lingual)
  • 24 hour help desk and trouble ticket escalation
  • Business continuity technologies
  • Global conference calling services
  • Taxi booking and concierge services
  • Online message and diary management

These managed services are used by organisations who wish to push the boundaries of exceptional customer experience when any existing or new customer enters their business by switchboard.  We believe we can be the most sophisticated and specialist provider of these services to the professional service sector in the world.

Call2 – Low Cost International Calls

Call2 is a ‘click to call’ service providing the highest quality low cost international calls to consumers and businesses worldwide.  Peter Farrer invented call-back in 1996, and in 1998 we realised how it could be adapted for the business market and set about building our current product offering .

The service works by the customer triggering a call back to their telephone from our switches and then connecting them to the number they wish to call. This allows our customers to benefit from clever call routing which can save up to 95% on normal international telephone charges.  Recently we have launched an i-phone app, a Blackberry app and an SMS function that also enables us to slash your mobile roaming costs.

We now work in both the consumer and business market in every county on the planet, since July last year our i-phone app has been downloaded over 60,000 times!

We work with some of the largest Telco’s in the world delivering enterprise ready telephony technologies that include:

  • Global access numbers, with real time control, sophisticated reporting and  24 hour customer service.
  • A technology that enables a business to centrally purchase and distribute high quality telephony to any phone in the world.
  • Call back buttons for online marketing campaigns
  • API integration into any application environment, social networks, IP providers portals and hotels

MultiVoice – Audio Conferencing

Over the last 12 years our voice conferencing service has developed a reputation for meeting the specific needs of professional services firms around the world.  The service can be instantly set up in over 75 countries and is supported by our 24 hour in house customer support team.

Although conference calling is seen by many as a commodity we have specifically designed our service to be sector specific.  Our legal offering comes with global access, branded lines, on the fly recording, matter number tagging and collaborative tools.



Scrumys is a business run by Windsor entrepreneur David Maskell that provides activity and rugby themed play sessions for 18 month old to 5 year olds kids.

Since 2014 both my children have loved participating at Scrumys weekend and after school sessions and I have provided David with mentoring to help him grow his business.

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